A winery with a long history

The creation of Zoinos Winery is a result of the development-friendly minds of local viticulturists who created the first small winery in Zitsa in 1954. With the help of the Agricultural Cooperative Union of Ioannina, the most advanced winery in NW Greece was born in 1974,

having already achieved in 1972 to have, the wines made, from the indigenous grape variety “Debina”, lawfully be considered of Protected Designation of the Origin of Zitsa (PDO Zitsa).

In 2006 “Zitsa” becomes fully independent of the ACU Ioannina, and “Zoinos Winery” is born.

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The company today after implementing investing programs, is equipped with a completely modernized winery and distillery, visitable around the year. It has further expanded to the creation of a distribution and customer service center in the city of Ioannina, as well as a second winery in the wine region of Patra.

Zoinos winery occupies high level oenologists, chemists, agriculturists, production and quality management employees and executives summing up to over forty people workforce. The company has a broad sales network in the country at its disposal and export activity is steadily ascending.

Core partners of Zoinos are the local viniculturists who keep up to date with modern cultivation methods and grow indigenous (Debina,Vlahiko, Bekari) as well as international grape varieties(Chardonnay, Traminer, Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah).

Zoinos winery makes use of over 250 acres of organic indigenous vines and an experimental vineyard where 28 local varieties of Epirus are being tested, aiming to, their adaptation to the area, showcasing their winemaking dynamics and the creation of new wines.