Wine Region Zitsa

Viniculture in Epirus and specifically in the region of Zitsa has a long history and its wines have been distinguished. Three indigenous scarce varieties grow in the region, Debina which is white and two red varieties Vlahiko and Bekari.

Zitsas’ wine region covers today 2,100 stremmas of mild slopes with wild flora and multiple clusters of herbs and aromatic plants.

The altitude of the region is 550-730 m. above sea level. The soil is limestone and is influenced by breezes from the Ionian sea.

Climate change has positively affected the climate of the region which is characterized by mild winters and summers.

The special climatic characteristics alongside the indigenous varieties allow for many differentiated wines and distills of exceptional quality and distinct character.

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vineyard vineyard vineyard

"Treasure" Varieties


Debina holds the greatest percentage of vines in the region and gives wines of Protected designation of origin since 1972. Debina is fully acclimated to Zitsa’s special ecosystem, it is characterized by a medium body with distinctive acidity.

Debina makes excellent still white wines full of freshness and tanginess which are best showcased in sparkling wines.

Vlachiko & Bekari

Vlahiko wines express light colors, complex aromas reminiscent of black pepper, black and red berries, and plums with high acidity in the mouth. The combination of Vlahiko and Bekari creates multiple wine styles, from red to mild bodies rose with aromas of berries and always mild in the mouth.


Depending on the vinification, red wines can be living, mild and fruity when staying in stainless steel tanks, and rich when aged in oak barrels. Their rich aromas makes them stand out and are capable of aging in the bottle.


Tsipouro is a traditional grape distill from Epirus. Zoinos winery loyal to the traditions, uses bronze alembic pots resulting in intense aromas, soft and round mouthfeel in the final product.

With the addition of oak barrel aging, Zoinos created a new very rich and dense distill full of citrus and cinnamon aromas alongside the distinctive flavors that come with barrels.